Sound reinforcement services

Whether you need a small PA system for speech, background music, karaoke equipment, band-PA or outdoor festival PA system, we can provide your event with comprehensive professional audio solutions.

Reliable and high-quality sound reinforcement from one speaker to a full orchestra

We can design and provide your event with high-quality PA system suited for the venue. The system is always put together with a specific event and venue in mind guaranteeing excellent results. Various solutions ranging from small background music systems to large club/outdoor systems can be found in our inventory.

Our experienced technicians monitor and adjust the sound during the event keeping the sound clear and the levels constant, also taking care of mixing for bands and orchestras.

We can also provide CatchBox's, throwable audience microphones.

All the event technology you need from one provider

We can provide all the technology your event needs, such as lighting, sound reinforcement, AV/video technology and staging in one package specifically tailored to fit your event. Tell us your needs using our quick quotation request form and we'll make you an offer to fit your technology needs!

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Band sound reinforcement
  • Sound reinforcement for bands and orchestras

Background music
  • DJ sound reinforcement
  • Background music systems
Speech reinforcement
  • Seminar sound
  • Public address systems for events
  • CatchBox - throwable audience mics