Video technology

Video is an increasingly important element in today's corporate events and tradeshows and image projection common in meetings and seminars. We can provide your event with complete video and projection services from single plasma displays to large LED screens.

Making sure your message is seen - always in HD

When regular AV-technology is not enough, we can build your event's video solution using many different kinds of source- and display options. Material can be composited in real-time with different sources, such as traditional production cameras, remote controlled cameras and computers. Our experienced technicians take care of running the presentations and videos at correct times. We have developed the DC Timekeeper system to assist the presenters. The system can be used to display remaining time, wall-clock time and short text messages to the presenter.

Our DC M-Wall message wall system combines the best parts of tweet walls, Instagram walls and mobile phone voting systems. Read more about M-Wall.

Reach the guests who couldn't participate at the venue

Video material shot at the event is transmitted in almost real-time thru the Internet to the desired audience. We use global content distribution networks to assure that capacity will suffice even if there are tens of thousands viewers. Using our WebCast-service the presentations can also be transmitted to remote viewers, synchronized to the video material. Read more about our WebCast -services.

All the event technology you need from one provider

We can provide all the technology your event needs, such as lighting, sound reinforcement, AV/video technology and staging in one package specifically tailored to fit your event. Tell us your needs using our quick quotation request form and we'll make you an offer to fit your technology needs!

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Screens and projection
  • LED-screens
  • Projectors and screens
  • Plasma displays

Presentation technology
  • Play-out systems
  • Presentation computers
  • Presenter's remotes and timers
  • Material pre-production
Multi-camera productions
  • Live production
  • Production cameras an PTZ cameras
  • Streaming