AV technology

AV technology plays a pivotal role in modern seminars, meetings and various corporate events, adding visual impact through dynamic imagery. Our comprehensive video technology services bring a range of options from individual projection screens and projectors to large-scale multi-camera setups and impressive LED screens.

Ensuring your message gets through - always in HD quality

When standard presentation technology is not enough, our AV technology solutions can be tailored to your specific needs, utilizing a multitude of image source and display options. Real-time mixing of various sources, including manned and remote-controlled production cameras and computer sources creates dynamic visual content. Our skilled technicians ensure the timely playout of videos and presentations. For seminars, we've developed the DC TimeKeeper system, allowing speakers to receive discreet and quick updates on remaining time, current time, and brief messages.

We can seamlessly manage expansive display setups and panoramic screens with Hippotizer and Picturall media servers.

Screens can also show real-time imagery created with individual cameras or even full-fledged multi-camera production that can also be used for livestreaming the event to remote audiences. Our solutions can be tailored to match your specific needs, scaling from single-camera lecture setups to multi-camera setups involving more than ten cameras. Our equipment includes regular production cameras, remote-controlled PTZ/robotic cameras, and specialized solutions such as miniature, drone, and wire cameras. Additionally, our production cameras can be equipped with wireless, latency-free video links for direct streaming or screen projection of interviews, audience interactions or following the speaker within the venue. We provide both live broadcasts recordings in HD quality.

Material captured during the event can be edited into comprehensive compilations for future use. If desired, we can also handle pre-production and editing of video material needed during the event.

Global audience reach through livestreaming

Livestreaming connects with attendees who are unable to be physically present at the event. High-quality video material captured with professional cameras can be streamed in real-time via the internet to the intended audience.

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All the event technology you need from a single provider.

Sourcing and procuring event technology from various suppliers can be time-consuming and costly. We offer all the event technology services you require, including lighting, audio systems, audiovisual technology in one package specifically tailored to fit your event. Tell us your needs using our quick quotation request form and we'll make you an offer to fit your technology needs!

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