Whether your event is large or small, indoors or outdoors, we can provide you a steady staging structure.

Stages of almost any shape can be built using our stage elements. We stock Nivoflex stage elements with outdoor surface and quick locking of feet. The elements can be used for stages of almost any shape and additional elements can be easily obtained from our partners. Standard stage heights are 20-100 cm with 20 cm increments. Stages include fireproofed black side curtains and can also be covered with stage carpet (see our carpet catalog).

Droppable curtains, "kabuki drop"

Our kabuki drop -system and be user to create spectacular falling curtains and drapes. The system will hold even heavy Molton -fabrics and it can also be used to trigger a banner unrolling from the ceiling.

All the event technology you need from one provider

We can provide all the technology your event needs, such as lighting, sound reinforcement, AV/video technology and staging in one package specifically tailored to fit your event. Tell us your needs using our quick quotation request form and we'll make you an offer to fit your technology needs!

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