About us

DC Events Oy is a company based in Helsinki, Finland specialising in technical production services for events. We design and produce "turn-key" solutions for lighting, sound reinforcement, video and staging for different kinds of corporate, public and private events. We also provide multi-camera production, live streaming and webcast services.

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Over 20 years of expertise at your service

We have been in the event business for over 20 years and provide technology to over 100 events per year. Our staff has experience of an extremely wide range of events and venues. Our equipment is regularly serviced in our own service center to ensure safety and proper functioning.

New innovations without forgetting the basics

We continuously monitor the advances in our industry and develop our services to bring new and innovative solutions to our clients' events. We also develop existing services and methods based on experiences. We strive to maintain an inventory of the highest possible quality and versatility while still maintaining cost-effectiveness.

Light-weight and agile organisation

We keep our organisation light-weight and minimize any unneeded personnel between our client and the crew working at the event. Every event has a named contact person who ensures that everything goes as planned. Our warehouse is equipped by modern PDA terminals running our in-house warehouse management system to make sure that the correct amount of correct equipment is at the correct site at the correct time.

Wide network of subcontractors

We work with many other providers in the field of event production so in we can often provide also services and products that are normally not a part of our inventory, such as decoration, furniture and DJ-services as a part of our solutions.

100% Finnish service

The Association for Finnish Work has granted us the Finnish Key Flag as a symbol of high-quality Finnish work. We are the first event technology company to receive the right to use the symbol.

Suomen Asiakastieto has granted us the Strongest in Finland certificate as a proof of our company's excellent financial key ratios, positive background information and good payment behaviour.