Streaming and webcast

An increasing number of events are desired to be shared with those not physically present at the event location. We provide broadcasts using top-tier technology and equipment, with results equivalent to professional TV production. We reliably and effectively transmit your event online, in real-time or as on-demand webcasts for later viewing.

Reach your audience worldwide with livestreaming

Livestreaming enables you to connect with guests who are unable to attend the event in person. High-quality video footage captured with production cameras is sent in real-time over the internet to your target audience and recorded in HD quality for future use.

Our own DCLive streaming platform, along with an global content distribution network, allows for tens of thousands of simultaneous viewers. Streaming can also take place directly between, for example, company branch offices. Naturally we can also stream content through popular video platforms such as YouTube, Facebook, or Twitch.

DCLive supports various advanced features:

Bring in speakers regardless of their location

Our in-house remote connectivity system enables two-way, real-time audio and visual connections. This means remote presenters can participate in events from anywhere in the world without the need for separate software or specialized equipment. Conducting PowerPoint presentations over remote connections is also possible and panel discussions involving both on-site and remote participants can be arranged. If needed, remote connections can also be established using standard video conferencing equipment or video call applications.

Studio wherever you need it

As each event is unique, it requires suitable settings. For hybrid events, we design our multi-camera setups to fit seamlessly within the event space, without disrupting the on-site audience. In purely virtual events, the choice of location is limited only by imagination: the studio can be set up in your own premises, a scenic outdoor location, or even by a genuine campfire.

The setup is tailored to match your needs as our services and system easily scale from single-camera lecture streams to multi-camera productions with over ten cameras. Our equipment includes not only regular production cameras but also remotely operated robotic cameras and specialized solutions like miniature, drone, and cable cameras. Additionally, our production cameras can be equipped with wireless, latency-free microwave links for activities such as interviewing from the audience or following performers within the venue. Visual and audio material used during the event, as well as PowerPoint presentations, can be seamlessly integrated into the outgoing feed.

All the event technology you need from a single provider.

Sourcing and procuring event technology from various suppliers can be time-consuming and costly. We offer all the event technology services you require, including lighting, audio systems, audiovisual technology in one package specifically tailored to fit your event. Tell us your needs using our quick quotation request form and we'll make you an offer to fit your technology needs!

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