Case: The Finnish Parliament

The Finnish Parliament
During 2017-2019 we carried out live webcasts and recordings for the Finnish Parliament for various events. These events included public hearings by committees, seminars, and press briefings.

The webcasts were executed directly from the Finnish Parliament's premises as turnkey solutions. These solutions included multi-camera production, directing, content distribution distribution and archiving in the public record for a specified period.

A multi-camera setup using robotic cameras was adopted due to their cost-effectiveness and space utilization. Given the high utilization rate of the facilities, an important advantage of the robotic camera setup was also the system's quick assembly and disassembly.

In a significant portion of the broadcasts, our WebCast service was utilized. This service allowed presentation materials to be displayed to remote viewers as high-quality synchronized video content in a separate screen.

We also provided live webcasts for seminars and press briefings related to a three-day session of the Nordic Council in the autumn of 2017. These webcasts were simultaneously broadcast in four different language versions. Translated speech was directly integrated into the system from the Parliament's interpretation system.