Case: Bio Rex

Bio Rex
Lasipalatsi's Bio Rex, a movie theater now used for private events, provides a high-class environment for varied events and occasions. The concept combines everything essential: a functional and distinctive setting, high-quality catering and comprehensive AV technology.

When required by the client Bio Rex complemented it's in-house AV technology with DC's services. Bio Rex's theater hall and foyer have provided a place for many different types of events such as seminars, corporate events, press conferences and public events that needed to provide more value with varied technical solutions.

We have provided all kinds of services to Bio Rex: mood- and stage lighting, sound reinforcement, AV- and video technology, multi-camera productions/streamings and stages.

Bio Rex - Working with DC has always been been easy and flexible. They can produce the technical aspects in a way that is easy to understand, thereby making also the client's job easier. Highly recommended!

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