News - 21.2.2022

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A hybrid event combines the best aspects of live and virtual events


As live events become possible once again, some potential attendees might miss out due to factors like time constraints or health concerns. A hybrid event seamlessly combines the traditional in-person event with a virtual experience. Particularly suited for seminars, training sessions, media briefings, and even concerts, hybrid events offer a versatile approach.

Professional technical production is extremely important in hybrid events, ensuring a high-quality participation experience for both in-person and virtual attendees. The seamless integration of live and virtual segments is essential, and opting for a combined package for both sections brings not only compatibility but also clear cost savings, as overlaps in logistics and personnel can be minimized.

DC Events has an extensive experience not only in traditional event technical setups but also in virtual and hybrid events. Our comprehensive equipment range caters to both types of events, and our proprietary virtual event platform, complete with content distribution infrastructure, enhances the experience. Additionally, our M-Wall discussion wall solution can be embedded into the virtual event platform, enabling virtual attendees to engage in the same discussions and voting as the in-person audience, using their own devices.

Our remote connection system empowers presenters to engage in real-time, even from remote corners of the world. Questions and comments from other presenters and the in-person audience can be relayed to them instantly through audio and visual channels.

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