News - 04.04.2022

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Unelmien Sielunmessut III - 6 hours charity concert streamed live


We provided live streaming for the "Unelmien Sielunmessut III" event from Kallio Church. The event was built around techno music, various artists, live elements, and impressive visuals, all within the ambiance of Kallio Church. The entire proceeds of this charity event were donated to Mieli ry.

The transmission was executed using a multi-camera setup with a total of 9 cameras. To avoid disrupting the live audience's experience with an extensive production setup, only one manned production camera was used. The rest of the setup utilized remotely operated cameras, which could be discreetly placed without taking away space from the audience.

In addition to standard robotic cameras, we also employed a cable-suspended camera to capture dynamic angles from above the audience, maintaining both visual appeal and safety. Additionally, a camera crane was positioned on the side of the stage, allowing for remote adjustment of the perspective.

The entire 6-hour event was live-cut and broadcasted through our DCLive platform, enabling viewers to engage in discussions directly on the platform's viewing page.

The recording of the event can be viewed at

DC Events has extensive experience not only in traditional event technology setups but also in streaming, virtual, and hybrid events. We have a comprehensive inventory catering to both event types and our own virtual event platform with content distribution infrastructure.

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