Live participation - DC M-Wall

DC M-Wall enables your audience to easily participate in the conversation during your event in real-time. M-Wall is a comprehensive solution replacing traditional tweet/Instagram walls, mobile/SMS message walls and mobile voting systems with a multi-channel system that collects messages from the desired sources and presents them in a unified format.

The participants' comments arrive in the system almost in real-time. Moderating the discussion is possible and single messages can be highlighted to full-screen by the moderator.

Voting is possible with the guests' own mobile devices' browsers and using regular SMS text messages. The results are represented as a real-time continuouysly updating chart on the event's screens.

The desired channels can be selected according to the needs of your event: participation can also be accomplished completely closed from outside users, using the most popular social media services or with any combination of these. The mobile interface is used with the device's own browser so app downloads are not needed.

The voting screen can display different visualisations and it updates in real time as the vote progresses. Vote titles and options can be modified during the event. The moderator starts and stops votes and brings up the results when needed.

All parts of the system are customizable to match the client's or event's look. Photo walls and slide shows are also possible.

After the event the saved messages and vote results are easily exportable from the system in various formats for the client's use. Several statistics are also formed about the messages and users.

We always provide the customization and deployment for your event on a turnkey basis so you do not need to worry about the technical details. All we need is information on what channels are to be used and what the wall should look like. The system can be used on your own computer and the venue's screen or we can provide these for you.

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